Zuro is an AI solution designed for distributed teams. It helps teams work together more effectively by ingesting and recalling data, drafting content, creating outlines, scheduling meetings, and more. It is specifically tailored for businesses, using their data and everyday apps. Zuro understands and communicates based on a company’s brand, web content, documents, and databases.

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how to use:
To get started with Zuro, you can sign up and add Zuro to your company’s Slack or MS Teams account. You can also optionally add Zuro to WhatsApp. After registration, provide Zuro with context about your company, including details about your brand and website. Once set up, you can add Zuro to any channel or use it privately via direct messages.
Core freatures:
Data ingestion and recallContent draftingMeeting schedulingIntegration with everyday appsBrand and web content understandingDocument and database communication
Use case:

Using existing data and files to get instant useful information for teams

Saving time and making better decisions faster

Answering questions, providing references, and summaries using available data

Connecting documents and content sources

Monitoring social media and custom data sources

Improving team collaboration and efficiency

Automating repetitive tasks

Creating on-brand content faster

Increasing productivity and managing tasks more efficiently

FAQ list:
Which AI models does Zuro use? Why not just use ChatGPT? Can Zuro access my own data source? Can I request additional features or tools on Zuro? Is my data safe with Zuro? How is my privacy protected?


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