ZenCall is an AI-powered service that answers your calls when you are busy or away. By forwarding your calls to a designated ZenCall number, the AI agent, powered by ChatGPT, can handle and respond to calls based on the instructions you set.

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how to use:
To use ZenCall, you need to sign up and get an AI agent for your phone. Whenever you can’t take a call, simply forward it to your assigned ZenCall number. The AI agent will then answer the call according to the prompts you have set. You can change and improve the instructions anytime to enhance the AI’s performance over time.
Core freatures:
Instant Call Notification: Receive instant notifications through the ZenCall App whenever your AI agent answers a new call. Calls are transcribed into text for convenient reading within the app.Unlimited Prompt Testing: Benefit from unlimited and free test trials to enhance how your AI agent handles calls by trying various prompts.URL Link Sharing: Your AI agent can effortlessly share URL links via text messages, allowing seamless transactions and bookings.Call Redirection: Seamlessly redirect calls to a designated person or service when faced with challenging queries or specialized assistance.Retain Current Business Phone Number: Your business number remains, but missed calls are handled by ZenCall. Your provider likely offers call forwarding to the designated number.Free ZenCall Phone Number: Whether you need a main phone number or want to forward your existing number’s calls, ZenCall offers a free phone number for uninterrupted connectivity.AI Agent’s Spoken Languages: The AI agent can communicate in multiple languages, including Afrikaans, Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and more.
Use case:

Busy Professionals: Assist professionals who are frequently busy or away from their phone by having the AI agent handle calls and provide information or redirect calls as needed.

Small Business Owners: Allow small business owners to manage missed calls effectively and seamlessly with the AI agent, reducing the chance of losing potential customers.

Online Stores: Enable online store owners to share direct links to their shop, menu, calendar, and more via text messages with the help of the AI agent.

Service Providers: Help service providers handle customer inquiries and redirect calls to appropriate colleagues or departments for specialized assistance.

International Communication: With the availability of local phone numbers in various countries, ZenCall assists in seamless communication for individuals or businesses with international clients or partners.

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