Zeeno is an AI-powered mobile keyboard for iPhone that offers useful features to enhance your typing experience. It integrates with your calendar to save time and helps you schedule your life. Zeeno can also act as a reminder to ensure you don’t forget important tasks or events.

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how to use:
To use Zeeno, simply download the Zeeno mobile app from the App Store. Once installed, set Zeeno as your default keyboard on your iPhone. Zeeno will then start providing AI-driven features while typing on your device, such as automatic reminders and calendar availability suggestions. You can customize Zeeno’s settings and permissions to tailor its functionalities to your preferences.
Core freatures:
Automatic reminders based on your tasks and eventsConnection to your calendar for easy scheduling directly from the keyboardTime-saving integration with your chat box to instantly pull availabilityCustomizable settings and permissions to personalize your experience
Use case:

Never forget important tasks or events by relying on Zeeno’s reminders

Efficiently schedule your life by seamlessly accessing your calendar through the keyboard

Save time by instantly sharing your availability with others through the chat box

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