ZBrain is an AI platform that empowers businesses to communicate and analyze data in a personalized way. It offers a personalized ChatGPT app trained on user data, allowing businesses to easily create their own chatbot using any document or website. The platform facilitates importing data from various sources, such as texts, images, documents, and APIs, and enables dynamic interactions using state-of-the-art Large Language Models like GPT-4, FLAN, and GPT-NeoX. With ZBrain, businesses can make informed decisions, gain deeper insights, boost productivity, and ensure data privacy.

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how to use:
To use ZBrain, follow these steps:

1. Sign up on the ZBrain platform.
2. Upload the desired data files or connect to data sources using the 80+ integrations available.
3. Build a knowledge base by loading PDFs, Docx files, Excel sheets, CSVs, or other formats.
4. Experiment and compare different AI models, prompts, and fine-tuning strategies using ZBrain’s tools.
5. Fine-tune the models with your proprietary enterprise data in a private cloud environment.
6. Deploy your custom ChatGPT application in a secure manner, either on ZBrain’s infrastructure or on a private self-hosted cloud.
7. Integrate the API endpoints into your existing tools and products for seamless usage.
Core freatures:
Import data from any source – texts, images, documents, or APIsUtilize state-of-the-art Large Language Models like GPT-4, FLAN, and GPT-NeoXEnsure data privacy and confidentialityOptimize workflows and enhance productivityGain deeper insights and make informed decisionsEnable personalized chatbot creation using any document or websiteIntegration with 80+ data sourcesReal-time data integrationFine-tuning with custom dataReinforcement learning from human feedbackAI Risk Governance for data safetySeamless deployment options – ZBrain Cloud or private hostingNo-code creation of business logic with ZBrain Flow
Use case:

Automotive: Provide insights into customer feedback, research collaborations, quality control measures

Customer Support: Resolve tickets, analyze customer complaints, improve product/service

Cyber Security: Monitor threat landscape, handle security incidents, manage vulnerabilities

Education: Provide information on admissions, deadlines, student services, research databases

Finance: Track financial performance, manage accounts receivable, evaluate tax and audit findings

Healthcare: Access medical records, handle billing, provide dosage information, monitor vital signs

Hospitality: Manage food and beverage offerings, analyze customer feedback, track revenue

Insurance: Explain coverage details, assist with claims, provide insurance policy information

Legal: Provide legal proceedings overview, share court dates, review advertising materials

Logistics: Monitor warehouse operations, optimize inventory management, evaluate supplier performance

Manufacturing: Track production units, identify defective products, analyze sales and market share

Retail: Analyze marketing campaigns, track sales, optimize supply chain and inventory

SAAS: Prompt-based creation of forms, run background digital agents, generate content

Supply Chain: Monitor supplier performance, optimize inventory replenishment, manage transportation

And many more…

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