Yuma Ticket Assistant is an AI that integrates with your Help Desk software to automate response drafting for customer tickets. Improve efficiency and support quality, increase customer satisfaction, and boost revenue.Currently empowering Shopify merchants using Gorgias.

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how to use:
How to Use Yuma? To use Yuma for customer support, you need to integrate it with your existing help desk software, such as Zendesk or Gorgias. Once integrated, Yuma’s AI Ticket Assistant feature can automatically analyze support tickets, draft appropriate responses, and suggest them to agents for review and sending. Yuma also offers custom knowledge base creation, writing style customization, conversation thread summarization, multilingual capabilities, and one-click ‘Reply & Close Ticket’ functionality for efficient support management.
Core freatures:
AI Automatic Response DraftingInstruct Yuma to generate drafts with succinct instructionsCustom Knowledge Base creation for personalized responsesWriting style customization based on past ticketsConversation thread summarizationMultilingual and Auto-Translation capabilitiesOne-Click ‘Reply & Close Ticket’ convenienceHelp Desk native integrations (Zendesk, Gorgias, Shopify)Shopify integration for real-time product information
Use case:

Automated response drafting for support tickets

Ticket tagging and triaging based on intent detection (coming soon)

Automated creation of Help Center entries based on past tickets (coming soon)

FAQ list:
What help desk software does Yuma integrate with? Can Yuma learn my brand’s writing style? What languages does Yuma support for drafting responses? Does Yuma retrieve live product information for customer inquiries? Does Yuma offer a free trial?


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