YOUS is a messenger platform with an AI-based translator. It allows people who don’t speak the same language to communicate through audio and video calls with the help of AI translation.

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how to use:
To use YOUS, sign up for free and download the mobile application or access the web application through a browser. Create a meeting or call, choose your language and the language of your conversation partner, and start communicating in your native language with the assistance of the AI translator.
Core freatures:
Audio and video calls with AI-based translatorOnline meetings with AI-based translatorPhone calls with AI-based translatorChats and messages with AI-based translatorTranscription of speech in text chat formatSecure meetings, calls, and messages
Use case:

International business meetings

Language exchange with foreign friends

Traveling and communicating with locals

Connecting with people from different cultures

FAQ list:
Do I need to download and install an application? Is YOUS free? Is YOUS safe to use? Are group online meetings available? What does the referral program offer?


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