Yoodli AI Speech Coach

Yoodli is a free communication coach that offers personalized coaching to improve your confidence in speaking skills. It provides feedback and analysis of your communication performance without the pressure of an audience.

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how to use:
1. Set up the desktop app by downloading and connecting it to your calendar.2. During your online meetings, Yoodli will provide in-the-moment coaching to help you sound confident.3. Track your progress over time with a dashboard showing your statistics and improvement relative to recommended benchmarks.
Core freatures:
Real-time, private speech coaching during online meetingsPersonalized feedback and analysis of speaking skillsDashboard to track progress and statistics over timeAI-powered drills to improve impromptu speaking and manage fear of public speaking
Use case:

Ace your next online meeting

Impress in job interviews

Deliver impactful work presentations

Boost confidence in sales calls

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