is a visual analytics platform that simplifies big data location intelligence for no-code analysts. It allows easy analysis of dynamic location data sets, scaling to billions of records.

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how to use:
To use, simply upload your movement data as CSV files using the drag ‘n drop feature or the REST API. The records should include a lon/lat location, timestamp, and any relevant attributes. Additionally, you can work with time series data defined over GeoJSON shapes. Once uploaded, you can extract insights from the data and gain a deeper understanding of your location-based information.
Core freatures:
Self-service location analytics for no-code analystsScalability to handle billions of recordsEasy data ingestion through CSV upload or REST APIWork with time series data defined over GeoJSON shapesExtraction of insights from location data without codingEmbedding and white labeling options for integration into existing platforms
Use case:

“title”: “Maritime Analytics”,
“description”: “Analyze vessel data on-demand with ease, enabling quick analysis of large volumes of maritime records.”

“title”: “Mobility Analytics”,
“description”: “Solve mobility questions efficiently using self-service location analytics, without the need for coding. Share insights with press and policy makers.”

“title”: “People Flow Analytics”,
“description”: “Extract valuable insights from large people flow data in minutes instead of months, reducing analysis time and improving efficiency.”

FAQ list:


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