Xembly is an AI Chief of Staff that helps individuals and teams automate tasks like scheduling meetings, capturing accurate meeting notes, and managing priorities.

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how to use:
To use Xembly, simply sign up and integrate it with your preferred email or messaging platform. Xembly will handle your calendar chaos by optimizing your schedule and effortlessly scheduling meetings. It will also automatically capture meeting details, write readable notes, and summarize action items. Additionally, Xembly tracks your to-do list and blocks time on your calendar to ensure tasks get done.
Core freatures:
Automated scheduling of meetingsAccurate meeting note captureSummarization of key meeting detailsPriority management and to-do trackingIntegration with various services and platforms
Use case:

Streamlining scheduling and collaboration for individuals and teams

Ensuring everyone is informed and accountable with automated meeting summaries

Improving productivity by effectively managing and prioritizing tasks

Providing an AI-powered assistant for executives and professionals

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