xActions – ChatGPT in a Better Way

xActions.co is a website that offers a browser extension called xActions, which allows users to utilize ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, directly from their web browser on any website. With xActions, users can automate their work, ask the AI to explain code on any website, and perform custom actions by selecting text on any website.

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how to use:
To use xActions, simply install the xActions browser extension on your preferred browser. Once installed, you can activate the ChatGPT chatbot by clicking on the extension icon. The chatbot will then be available for use on any website you visit, allowing you to automate tasks, ask for code explanations, and perform custom actions by selecting text.
Core freatures:
Chat with the AI-powered ChatGPT directly from the browser on any websiteAutomate tasks and work processes using AIAsk the AI to explain code snippets on any websitePerform custom actions by selecting text on any websiteAvailable as a browser extension for easy accessibility
Use case:

Automate repetitive tasks or workflows on websites

Receive code explanations and insights from the AI while browsing code snippets

Perform custom actions on selected texts, such as performing searches or generating summaries

FAQ list:
What can I do with xActions? How do I use xActions? Can I use xActions with any browser? Is there a free version of xActions available?


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