Writers Brew

Writers Brew is an AI writing assistant app for macOS that seamlessly works across all browsers, native apps, and electron apps. It helps users write better and faster by providing various writing tools, generating text, improving grammar and fluency, summarizing content, and translating text.

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how to use:
To use Writers Brew, simply download and install the app on your macOS. After activating the app with your email, license key, and OpenAI key, you can access it in three different ways: as a full app, a menu bar app, or a dropdown app. The app can be used in text editors, browsers, and other applications. You can generate text, edit existing content, reply to emails, extract text from images, and more using the AI-powered features of Writers Brew.
Core freatures:
Seamlessly works across all browsers, native apps, and electron appsProvides various writing tools to assist with brainstorming and writingGenerates text to enhance existing content or create draftsOffers inbuilt OCR to extract text from imagesAllows users to create and save their own writing prompts and presetsCan be accessed as a full app, a menu bar app, or a dropdown app
Use case:

Writing articles, essays, social media posts, and other text

Improving the quality and impact of existing content

Crafting well-crafted email replies

Summarizing articles or paragraphs

Translating text between languages

Explaining complex ideas in a simple and clear manner

FAQ list:
Can Writers Brew be used in different applications and browsers? Are there any pre-made writing prompts or presets available? Can I create my own writing prompts or presets? Does Writers Brew offer OCR capabilities? Is Writers Brew compatible with Raycast?


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