WriteMage is an AI app that integrates ChatGPT into macOS and iOS devices. It allows users to boost their productivity by using AI in any app on their devices. With the ability to remember conversations and customize prompts, WriteMage enhances the user’s workflow and facilitates seamless communication.

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how to use:
To use WriteMage, download the app for macOS or iOS. Once installed, open the app and it will float on top like Apple Spotlight in any macOS app. WriteMage has memory and can remember the current session, providing context-aware responses. Users can also customize and edit prompts using the built-in Prompt Editor GUI. For iOS users, an in-app purchase is available to use WriteMage natively with the iOS keyboard.
Core freatures:
Integration with macOS and iOSChatGPT-powered AI appWorks in any macOS app with floating interfaceAbility to remember conversationsCustomizable prompts with Prompt Editor GUI
Use case:

Boosting productivity in any app

Seamless communication in macOS and iOS

Efficient writing and content creation

Enhancing brainstorming and idea generation

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