writeGPT is a multi-function web extension designed to enhance browsing efficiency and optimize content creation and consumption. It harnesses the power of Chat GPT on any website, allowing users to easily rewrite, reposition, and summarize content, automatically write or reply to emails, research flawlessly, review code, and even translate on the spot. With facilitated prompt engineering, users can customize their outputs based on their needs, context, goals, product, audience, and style.

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how to use:
To use writeGPT, simply install the web extension on Google Chrome. Once installed, you can activate the extension on any website by selecting the content you want to work with and pressing ‘Command + E’ on MacOS or ‘CTRL + Y’ on Windows. The extension will then provide suggestions and options for rewriting, summarizing, replying to emails, and more. Users can also access the mobile version of writeGPT by accessing the website from their mobile browser.
Core freatures:
Harness GPT for vast use-cases on any websiteRewrite and reposition any contentWrite or reply to emails automaticallySummarize any article or content sourceResearch flawlesslyFix and review codeTranslate on the spotAssisted prompt writing
Use case:

Content creation and consumption

Email automation

Article summarization

Efficient research

Code review and fixing

On-the-spot translation

FAQ list:


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