WorkViz is a performance tool designed specifically for remote teams. It helps visualize productivity and maximize team performance by providing insights into individual work patterns and identifying potential roadblocks. With the help of AI, WorkViz enables managers to foresee their team’s full potential and take proactive steps to optimize productivity.

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how to use:
To use WorkViz, start by signing up for a free trial on their website. Once registered, you can integrate WorkViz with your team’s workflow systems and selected apps. WorkViz will then automatically collect and analyze work logs and provide you with actionable insights. Managers can investigate roadblocks, re-assess workload, and encourage employees to take breaks when necessary. WorkViz also empowers employees to express their feelings through emojis, enabling better communication and collaboration within the team.
Core freatures:
Automated daily report generation based on active time in selected appsAlerts for managers when team members approach their work capacityProactive identification of roadblocks to prevent productivity dipsAI-powered analysis of work logs to optimize workload and enhance team performanceEmployee engagement through emoji-based sentiment expressionCode audit option for enterprise users to ensure data safety and privacy
Use case:

Optimizing team productivity and performance in remote work environments

Identifying and resolving roadblocks to prevent decreases in productivity

Improving employee well-being by monitoring workloads and suggesting breaks

Efficient daily reporting based on AI-curated work logs

Enhancing communication and collaboration within remote teams

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