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What is Wondercraft AI? Wondercraft AI is a podcast builder that utilizes generative AI voices to help users easily create and publish podcasts. It is designed to transform existing content into engaging podcasts in just a few minutes.

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how to use:
How to Use Wondercraft AI 1. Sign in or register to create an account on Wondercraft AI.
2. Choose your desired use case, such as businesses, newsletters, publishers, internal podcasts, educators, or podcast studios.
3. Provide your existing content, such as blog posts, notes, recordings, or articles.
4. Customize the podcast by selecting AI voices or even cloning your own voice.
5. Wondercraft will generate a podcast script, show notes, and even provide video content and translations if desired.
6. Publish directly to popular podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
7. Share your podcast on social media or embed it on your website.
Core freatures:
Generative AI voices for converting text to audioHosting and distribution to podcast platformsScript generation for podcast episodesShow notes with timestamped segments and complete transcriptsVideo content generation from podcast segmentsTranslation of podcasts into multiple languages
Use case:

“title”: “Businesses”,
“description”: “Wondercraft helps businesses turn their blog posts, notes, and recordings into value-packed podcasts for increased customer engagement and conversions.”

“title”: “Newsletters”,
“description”: “Newsletter creators can use Wondercraft to complement their written content with audio companions, enhancing reader experience and expanding their reach.”

“title”: “Publishers”,
“description”: “Publishers can leverage Wondercraft to convert written content into daily news podcasts, tapping into the growing popularity of audio news consumption.”

“title”: “Internal Podcasts”,
“description”: “Organizations can improve internal communication by using Wondercraft to create engaging audio content for onboarding, sharing stories, or daily memos.”

“title”: “Educators”,
“description”: “Wondercraft supports educators in creating educational podcasts that captivate listeners and facilitate audio learning, whether for language learning or class recaps.”

“title”: “Podcast Studios”,
“description”: “Podcast studios can benefit from Wondercraft’s efficiency and project delivery speed, whether serving businesses or publishers in producing high-quality podcasts.”

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