WizEats is an AI-powered food discovery platform that serves as your personal food companion for cooking, ordering, and dining. It generates personalized recipes, recommends food options and restaurants based on your preferences, and provides information about nutrition and cultural aspects of dishes.

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how to use:
To use WizEats, simply join our community and explore the various features. In the ‘Cooking’ section, you can generate recipes based on your dietary preferences, ingredients, and cooking equipment. Save and share your favorite dishes, and even customize public recipes from the community. In the ‘Ordering’ section, the Decision Helper recommends food combos that match your budget, taste, and special requirements. You can also customize food options based on your eating habits. Finally, in the ‘Dining’ section, WizEats recommends restaurants based on your needs, helping you book a table with ease and discover dishes suited to your taste.
Core freatures:
Recipe generation based on dietary preferences and ingredientsSaving and sharing personalized dishesCustomizing public recipesPrecise recommendation of food combosNutrition information and recommendation reasons for each dishEffortless customization of food optionsRestaurant recommendations based on various needsOne-click restaurant bookingDiscovering dishes suited to your taste
Use case:

Finding personalized recipes based on available ingredients and dietary preferences

Getting cooking tips and hacks from favorite chefs

Finding food combos that match budget, taste, and special requirements

Customizing food options and shopping cart based on eating habits

Discovering restaurants suitable for different occasions

Booking restaurants easily

Exploring dishes that align with personal taste and culture

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