Wisdolia is an online tool that automatically generates flashcards from various types of content, including YouTube videos, articles, and PDFs. Its AI-powered system creates personalized flashcards to facilitate active learning and improve retention.

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how to use:
To use Wisdolia, simply add the Chrome extension to your browser. Once installed, you can generate custom flashcards from any material you are learning. These flashcards can be created from PDFs, study guides, textbooks, slide decks, research papers, webpages, online books, articles, and even YouTube study channels and lectures. Wisdolia makes learning more efficient and effective by providing personalized feedback on the flashcards you answer.
Core freatures:
Wisdolia’s core features include AI-powered flashcard generation, personalized feedback, and the ability to create flashcards from any material on the internet. The tool is compatible with Chrome and works seamlessly wherever you learn online.
Use case:

Wisdolia is particularly useful for students who want to optimize their study routine and learn at a faster pace. It simplifies the learning process by generating custom flashcards, saving students countless hours of manual flashcard creation. Whether you’re a medical student preparing for exams or a biology student looking to improve your understanding, Wisdolia can be a valuable tool for active learning.

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