Whelp is an AI-based omnichannel shared inbox and CRM platform designed to streamline customer communication through various channels such as Voice, Email, Live Chat, SMS, and WhatsApp. It allows businesses to consolidate all customer interactions and data in one place, providing a unified customer view. With advanced reporting and analytics, businesses can track their performance and optimize their operations.

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how to use:
To use Whelp, sign in to the platform and connect with customers on multiple channels such as Voice, Email, Live Chat, SMS, and WhatsApp. Utilize the unified customer view to manage and respond to customer inquiries and concerns. Customize and automate communication campaigns, sending bulk messages via WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, and Facebook Messenger. Design and deploy chatbots using the drag-and-drop chatbot builder for 24/7 customer service. Collaborate and communicate with team members and customers across various channels. Integrate Whelp with other tools and platforms to streamline workflows.
Core freatures:
Omnichannel customer support over various channels (Voice, Email, Live Chat, SMS, WhatsApp)Unified customer view and AI-powered automationsConsolidation of customer conversations in one inboxAdvanced reporting for performance analysisCustomizable communication campaigns with bulk messagingDrag-and-drop chatbot builder for 24/7 customer serviceSecurity-first approach with advanced encryption and access controlsTeam collaboration and communication across channelsIntegration capabilities with other tools and platforms
Use case:

Improving customer support and service through seamless communication on multiple channels

Streamlining workflow and managing customer inquiries and concerns efficiently

Analyzing performance and optimizing business operations

Customizing and automating communication campaigns for outreach and promotion

Designing and deploying chatbots for 24/7 customer service and quick responses

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