weploy.ai is a platform that enables users to translate their apps into any language quickly and easily. It offers an open source npm package and a free API key to facilitate the translation process. With weploy.ai, users can eliminate the complexities of i18n and leverage AI-powered translations.

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how to use:
To use weploy.ai for app translation, follow these steps:

1. Get a free API key by creating a project.
2. Install the npm package provided by weploy.ai.
3. Let the AI translate your app’s text.

Users can also edit the translations generated by AI if they are not satisfied with them.
Core freatures:
Easy app translation without code changesUtilizes GPT-4 for accurate translationsOpen source npm package availableFree API key for initial 500 translated wordsAbility to edit translations through the weploy.ai app
Use case:

App localization for international markets

Simplifying the translation process for developers

Enabling multilingual user experiences

Efficiently expanding app reach in different language-speaking regions

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