WebWhiz is a platform that allows you to train ChatGPT on your website data and build a chatbot that can be added to your website. It eliminates the need for coding and enables your chatbot to instantly answer customer queries.

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how to use:
To use WebWhiz, simply follow these steps:

1. Add your website: Enter your website URL to start the process. WebWhiz will automatically fetch and prepare the training data.
2. Train ChatGPT: The platform will train ChatGPT on your website data based on the selected parameters and create the chatbot for you.
3. Embed on website: Add a JavaScript script tag to your website to seamlessly integrate the chatbot.
Core freatures:
WebWhiz offers the following core features:

1. Easy Integration: It takes only a few minutes to create, train, and add the chatbot to your website.
2. Data-Specific Responses: The chatbot answers questions based on the given data, ensuring accurate results.
3. Regular Data Updates: Your website is regularly crawled, ensuring the chatbot is trained on up-to-date data.
4. No Code Builder: No coding skills are required to build the chatbot. Just insert a script tag to your website.
5. Customizable Appearance: Customize the chatbot’s appearance to match your website theme.
6. Fine Tuning: Further improve the chatbot’s results through fine-tuning from the project dashboard.
Use case:

WebWhiz can be used in various scenarios, including:

1. E-commerce: Provide instant support to customers by answering their product-related queries.
2. Service Industries: Assist customers with inquiries about services offered.
3. Informational Websites: Help visitors find specific information or navigate the website.
4. Online Communities: Provide quick responses to community members seeking assistance.
5. Content Publishing: Answer readers’ questions and provide additional information about published content.

FAQ list:
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