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Web3 Summary is a leading DeFi and NFT research platform that simplifies on-chain research across multiple chains and protocols. It uses Artificial Intelligence to provide trading alpha and help users find valuable insights for their investments.

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how to use:
To use Web3 Summary, simply sign up for an account and install the Chrome extension. The extension condenses complex crypto content into easy-to-understand bullet points, making it simpler to grasp projects, tokenomics, economic models, and performance metrics. Users can also access prompts from the extension to receive AI-driven insights and answers to their questions about DeFi protocols and DAOs.
Core freatures:
Trading Terminal: One place for all NFT and DeFi research and investingWallet Study: In-depth research kit for deep wallet and contract scansDiscord Bot: An AI-based personal researcher that provides trading alphaMobile App (In Progress): A feature-packed app for DeFi & NFT tradersProfit Taking: Plan profit-taking and reinvestment strategiesRelative Valuations: Evaluate Tokens & NFTs based on accurate valuation metricsChrome Extension: Condenses complex crypto content into digestible bullet pointsDeveloper APIs (In Progress): Rest APIs for building applications and research procedures quickly
Use case:

Simplifying on-chain research for DeFi and NFT investments

Finding trading alpha across 10+ chains and multiple protocols

Performing due diligence on Web3 smart contracts with AI assistance

Effectively articulating points and making persuasive impacts on Twitter

Converting web pages into personalized context for a brand

Enhancing team productivity and collaboration

Streamlining asset research, quantitative data analysis, derivatives and asset trading, and risk and compliance

FAQ list:
How often do you release new prompts? Is there a free plan? How do I use the prompts? Which version of ChatGPT does this use? How can I add my team? How can I manage my subscription?


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