Warehouse Optimization

Keebo is a fully automated data warehouse and analytics optimization tool designed to give data teams more time, boost performance, and save money. It learns and adapts in real-time to workload changes, optimizing cloud data warehouses and queries with zero effort from the team. The data stays secure in the warehouse while all results are tracked in a KPI dashboard.

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how to use:
To use Keebo, follow these steps:
1. Set up Keebo data warehouse and query optimizations in minutes.
2. Configure Keebo to your unique requirements.
3. Let Keebo’s patented algorithms work in the background to optimize your data team’s performance.
4. Monitor the results in the KPI dashboard and celebrate the savings and performance gains.
Core freatures:
Fully automated data warehouse optimizationReal-time adaptation to workload changesFast setup with results within 48 hoursNo changes needed to warehouse or applicationsData stays secure in the warehouseConfigurable to unique requirementsKPI dashboard for tracking and monitoring results
Use case:

Optimizing cloud data warehouses

Improving query performance

Reducing warehouse licensing costs

Freeing up time for data teams

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