Voil?? – ChatGPT browser assistant

Voil?? is an AI-powered browser assistant known as ChatGPT AI. It is a productivity tool that can be used as a virtual assistant to improve writing, provide answers to questions, draft high-quality content, summarize and translate text, and more. With a conversational user interface, Voil?? can be accessed through a keyboard shortcut, and it works on any website.

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how to use:
To use Voil??, simply install the extension on your Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browser. Once installed, you can access it with a keyboard shortcut. Voil?? can then assist you with various tasks such as enhancing your writing, getting instant answers to any question, and drafting professional content. It also provides web access for deep research and can transform web pages into original content.
Core freatures:
AI-powered virtual assistant for productivityWriting assistance for various content typesAnswering questions, summarizing, and translating textWeb access for comprehensive researchStreamlined browser experience with convenient shortcutsConversation user interfaceIntegration with popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge)Privacy-focused – content and conversations not stored on servers
Use case:

Creating high-quality content for blogging, marketing, and engineering domains

Developing captivating ad campaigns and landing page copy

Improving email responses and crafting personalized cover letters

Defining project vision through a concise project charter

Creating engaging social media posts and newsletters

Capturing attention with persuasive product descriptions and ad copy

Simplifying complex processes with user-friendly guides

Enhancing writing by fixing spelling and grammar

Researching any topic with access to comprehensive web information

Boosting productivity by quickly getting answers or information

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