Voice of the customer by Pivony

Pivony is an Omni-channel Voice of Customer Analytics Platform that utilizes Neural Language Understanding to provide continuous insights from consumer reviews across multiple channels. It helps businesses understand their customers better and improve customer experience.

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how to use:
To use Pivony, start by booking a demo to explore its features and benefits. Once onboard, create a dashboard to capture customer retention areas and opportunities. Use the platform’s AI-generated topics to detect trends and observe anomalies related to your industry. Turn insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) and track them over time. Collaborate with your team by creating teams and sharing insights, dashboards, and KPIs. Store and present insights through customized reports. Analyze specific keywords, products, or brands to gain deeper understanding. Access support and resources when needed.
Core freatures:
Omni-channel Voice of Customer AnalyticsNeural Language UnderstandingDashboard creation for capturing customer retention areas and opportunitiesAI-generated topics for trend analysisCustom topics creationTracking custom topics as KPIsTeam collaboration and sharing of insightsGeneration of customized reportsAnalyzing specific keywords, products, or brandsAccess to support and resources
Use case:

Customer Experience analysis

Brand Reputation analysis

Competitor analysis

Market research

Campaign strategy

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