VNSplit is a service that provides powerful and detailed AI summaries of voice notes in seconds. It integrates with iMessage and WhatsApp, allowing users to receive summary texts of their voice notes instead of listening to the entire messages.

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how to use:
To use VNSplit, simply subscribe to any plan and provide your iMessage or WhatsApp number. Once subscribed, forward any voice note message to the provided AI bot number. The AI will quickly respond with an accurate summary of the voice note.
Core freatures:
AI summarized voice notes for iMessage and WhatsAppNo app download requiredPrivacy built-in, no storage of voice notes or summariesLightning-fast results with Open AI technologySupports 50+ languages for accurate summaries
Use case:

Saving time by quickly getting summarized text of voice notes

Improving productivity by reading summaries instead of listening to lengthy voice messages

Fitting seamlessly into the iMessage and WhatsApp workflow

Ideal for multilingual users with support for various languages

FAQ list:
Is there a free plan? Do you store my voice notes? Do you store summaries? How do I forward my voice notes? Do you train your AI with my voice notes? Do I need to download an app? Why do you need my phone number? How fast does it take to send a summary? How does billing work? I am a paid subscriber. How do I manage my subscription? I need to speak to a real human. Does group messaging work? My voice notes are not in English. Can I still use this? Is this available for WhatsApp? I just changed my phone number.


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