VizGPT is a data visualization platform with a chat interface, designed to transform contextual data into interactive visual charts. It leverages advanced models such as chartGPT, vizGPT, text2viz, and text2chart to generate meaningful visual representations from textual input.

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how to use:
To use VizGPT, simply input your contextual data into the chat interface and engage in a conversation. VizGPT will interpret your text and generate interactive visualizations based on the provided information. You can further refine and customize the visualizations by specifying chart types, desired dimensions, colors, and labels.
Core freatures:
Key features of VizGPT include:
– Contextual data visualization through natural language processing
– Interactive visual charts based on advanced models
– Customization options for chart types, dimensions, colors, and labels
– Seamless chat interface for intuitive communication
– Real-time updates and adjustments to visualizations as the conversation progresses
Use case:

VizGPT can be used in various scenarios, including:
– Analyzing and visualizing data from business reports
– Creating visual representations of survey responses
– Exploring trends and patterns in social media discussions
– Converting textual research findings into graphical presentations
– Assisting in decision-making processes by providing visual insights

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