Vizcom is a platform that allows users to turn their sketches into stunning concept drawings in seconds. With native AI tools and built-in sketching capabilities, Vizcom empowers design teams and creative professionals to visualize their ideas and bring them to life.

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how to use:
To use Vizcom, you can either import your existing drawings or sketch directly within the app. The platform provides familiar sketch tools and layers for creative control. Once your sketches are ready, Vizcom’s native AI tools can quickly render them into high-quality concept drawings. You can also import 3D files and use a simple text description to visualize 3D models. Vizcom also offers collaboration features, allowing you to build workspaces and collaborate seamlessly with others.
Core freatures:
Sketch import and creationNative AI tools for renderingImport and visualization of 3D filesCollaboration and workspace creation
Use case:

Design concept visualization

Product design

Architectural rendering

Digital art creation

Design team collaboration

FAQ list:


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