Vizard is an AI-powered online video editor and screen recorder that allows users to create social-ready videos instantly. It offers a range of tools for video editing, text-based editing, online screen recording, and repurposing videos. With, users can easily create viral clips for social media within minutes.

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how to use:
To use, follow these steps:

1. Upload and transcribe: Upload your video and let transcribe it automatically.
2. AI Clipping: Click ‘AI clipping’ and let identify the most engaging parts of your video, generating 10+ clips.
3. Customize and publish: Customize your videos by adding subtitles, images, text, or resizing them. Finally, publish and share your videos on various platforms.
Core freatures:
AI Clipping: Automatically identifies engaging parts of a video and generates multiple clipsVideo Editing: Crop, resize, trim, add subtitles, images, and text to videosScreen Recorder: Record webinars, interviews, testimonials, conferences, and moreRepurpose Videos: Turn long videos into social-ready clips with one clickAuto Subtitle Generator: Generates subtitles and transcriptions automaticallySubtitle & Transcription Editor: Easily edit and customize subtitles and transcriptionsDictation Software: Convert video content into text using dictation technologyVideo to Text: Transcribe video content into text formatVideo Translator: Translate video content into different languages
Use case:

Marketers: Power your team to create videos at scale for social media marketing

Creators: Build a strong social presence and easily repurpose videos for different channels

Video Podcasters: Create teasers to encourage podcast downloads and make content shareable

Coaches and Educators: Connect with your audience through video thought leadership

Consultants: Build credibility with video content and increase reach through short-form videos

Video Agencies: Scale video production and empower your team to work efficiently

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