Virtuoso QA

Virtuoso QA is a QA automation testing tool that combines Natural Language Programming (NLP) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into a single platform. It leverages AI and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to provide a self-healing and scalable solution for faster deployment.

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how to use:
To use Virtuoso QA, you can author tests in natural language, similar to manual test scripts. You can write tests from requirements and execute them on any device, operating system, or software. The tool provides comprehensive reports and root cause analysis to understand the state of your application. It also offers self-healing tests with AI and ML capabilities to reduce test maintenance efforts. Virtuoso QA can be integrated with various systems and offers extensions for customization.
Core freatures:
Author tests in natural languageExecute tests on any device, OS, or softwareComprehensive reporting and root cause analysisSelf-healing tests with AI and MLVisual regression testingFunctional and API test combinationContinuous testing and CI/CD integrationSelenium migration supportAgile and shift-left testingLow-Code/No-Code test automationE-commerce, CMS, and business systems testingSupport for various technologies like SAP Commerce Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Oracle, etc.Webinars, live library, blog, case studies, and certification resources
Use case:

Functional UI testing

Continuous testing and CI/CD integration

End-to-end testing

Agile and shift-left testing

Selenium migration

Low-Code/No-Code test automation

AI-augmented test automation

E-commerce testing

CMS testing

Business systems testing

FAQ list:
What is Virtuoso QA? How do I use Virtuoso QA? What are the core features of Virtuoso QA? What are the use cases of Virtuoso QA? Is there pricing information available for Virtuoso QA?


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