Verb is an AI-powered writing tool built for fiction writers. It helps authors plan, write, and get feedback on their work. Like the best editors, Verb is story-centered and writer-led, designed to make the process of getting ideas into words a more enjoyable experience.

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how to use:
Using Verb is easy. Simply sign up for the limited beta access on the website. Once you have access, you can start planning your story, writing and drafting your novel directly within the app. Verb also provides tools for critiquing your work and getting feedback from other users. The goal is to empower storytellers by providing a comprehensive writing tool that streamlines the creative process.
Core freatures:
AI-powered planningWriting and drafting toolsCritique and feedback system
Use case:

Planning and outlining a novel

Writing and editing a fiction story

Getting feedback and critique from other writers

FAQ list:


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