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Varys AI is an artificial intelligence software designed specifically for interior design professionals. It offers instant interior rendering, an easy-to-use floorplan GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) tool, and the ability to generate design solution documents with elegant and powerful wording. Varys AI aims to redefine the workflow of space design and provide a comprehensive and efficient design toolkit.

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how to use:
To use Varys AI, you can start by signing up for early access or trying out Varys Lite, which allows you to complete your refurbishment in less than 0.5 hours. You can upload a .cad file or draw a wireframe in the starter-friendly editor. Varys AI will generate design solutions with multiple angles for your property instantly. You can choose from hundreds of different styles or create your own, and describe shapes, materials, and lighting using natural language. Additionally, you can talk to Varys AI’s GPT-powered design assistant for advice on furniture repositioning, space layout refinement, and business performance improvement. The generated images are fully editable and controllable, allowing you to modify them as required. Varys AI also generates design solution documents instantly, which you can edit using the built-in keynote editor.
Core freatures:
Instant interior renderingEasy-to-use floorplan GPTDesign solution generation with elegant and powerful wordingStyle choices with unlimited optionsGPT-powered design assistant for adviceFully editable and controllable image renderingDesign solution document generationCustomized AI training for specific needsConsistency and brand recognition across multiple projectsStrategic advice for retail businesses
Use case:

Professional interior design

Property refurbishment

Space layout refinement

Furniture repositioning

Business performance improvement

Commercial growth through project series expansion

Optimizing pedestrian flow for retail businesses

Adjusting business orientation

Enhancing operation patterns

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