Twain is an AI communication assistant for outreach that helps users improve their sales pitches and write compelling outreach messages. It offers world-class selling skills and provides free recommendations based on best practices.

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how to use:
To use Twain, simply insert your outreach message in the editor. It can be a message to potential customers, a cold prospect reactivation, or a follow-up on a client. Twain will analyze your message and provide recommendations in seconds. It helps improve openers, suggests avoiding filler words, and highlights the importance of clear questions at the end of emails.
Core freatures:
Twain’s core features include:
1. AI-powered recommendations for improving outreach messages
2. Analysis of openers, filler words, and question placement
3. Free and simple-to-understand suggestions for clear, convincing, and confident emails
4. Integration with Chrome
Use case:

Twain is useful in the following scenarios:
1. Sales: Improve sales pitches, reach out to potential customers, reactivate cold prospects, and follow up on hesitant clients.
2. Recruiting: Craft compelling messages to attract top talent and improve communication with potential hires.
3. Personal use: Write persuasive emails for various personal scenarios such as networking, requesting favors, or expressing interest in opportunities.

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