Userdoc is a software that leverages AI assistance to help users build better software requirements. It simplifies the process of creating expert user stories, acceptance criteria, user personas, and user journeys.

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how to use:
To use Userdoc, sign in to your account and centralize your knowledge during the discovery, development, system testing, and documentation phases. Use user stories to capture your requirements and sync them with other systems. Use fictional personas to understand your actual users and quickly generate them with AI. Finally, explain detailed workflows through the system using user journeys. Userdoc also offers AI assistance to automatically generate user stories, acceptance criteria, personas, and user journeys, saving you time and effort.
Core freatures:
AI assistance for generating user stories, acceptance criteria, personas, and user journeysCentralized knowledge management for requirementsUser stories and acceptance criteriaUser personas with AI generationUser journeys to explain detailed workflowsIntegration with other systemsStory approval statuses for ensuring requirements match expectationsVersion control for tracking requirement changesCollaboration with team, stakeholders, and clientsExporting requirements as Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, or CSV files
Use case:

Managing product requirements

Simplifying the creation of user stories

Understanding and defining user personas

Explaining workflows with user journeys

Automating the generation of requirements with AI

FAQ list:
Is Userdoc a project management tool? At what phase of my project would I use Userdoc? How does Userdoc work with design? Do I have to use user stories? Will Userdoc take up more of my time? (I’m already busy!) But is documentation a good thing?


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