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TypeAri is a personal AI translator tool that allows you to translate text in over 85 languages in any online text box. It also helps with grammar and punctuation mistakes, sentence rephrasing, expressing nuances, and finding the perfect tone of voice.

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how to use:
To use TypeAri, you first need to download the TypeAri extension for your browser. After installing the extension, you can simply type in any online text box and TypeAri will instantly translate your text as you type. It will also help with grammar and spelling errors, improve your language skills, and provide more effective and clear messages. TypeAri can be used on any website or platform that has a text input box.
Core freatures:
The core features of TypeAri include instant translations in over 85 languages, real-time grammar and spelling correction, sentence rephrasing, expression of nuances, and finding the perfect tone of voice. It also offers an AI spell checker, grammar checker, and the ability to learn a foreign language while typing. TypeAri aims to continuously improve its AI translation precision and incorporate automated language identification for more accurate results.
Use case:

TypeAri can be used in various scenarios such as emailing, posting on social media, writing blog posts, commenting on online platforms, and any other situation where accurate translation, grammar correction, and effective communication are needed.

FAQ list:
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