Upword is an AI-powered content summarization tool that helps users capture key takeaways, create personalized summary docs, and manage knowledge for life. It transforms content into knowledge using AI technology.

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how to use:
To use Upword, start by signing up for a 7-day free trial or adding the Chrome extension. Once you have access, you can search and ask Upword for specific information, work with AI to build your summary, and convert your work into online documents. You can also share and collaborate with others to enhance productivity.
Core freatures:
AI-powered content summarizationPersonalized research assistantSearch and retrieval of textual dataAI Copilot – ChatGPT for researchText simplification and translationAdd links, images, and commentsProduce summaries and generate various types of documentsPowerful productivity tools (AI notes, audio player, AI-highlighting)Share and collaborate with unlimited storageCut reading time by up to 85% with AIEnhance knowledge and productivity with AI assistance
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Business professionals

Research professionals

Finance professionals

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