Unscreen is an online tool that allows users to easily remove the background from any video. It uses automatic analysis to generate high-quality results without the need for complex techniques like chroma keying or greenscreens.

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how to use:
To use Unscreen, simply upload your video or provide a URL. The tool will analyze the video automatically and remove the background. Once the background is removed, you can download the result and use it in your desired video editing software.
Core freatures:
Automatic background removalHigh-quality resultsNo need for complex techniquesSupports full HD resolution
Use case:

Creating background-free videos for presentations

Removing unwanted backgrounds from recorded footage

Making videos more visually appealing by eliminating distractions

FAQ list:
What file formats are supported for video upload? Can I remove the background from a live video stream? Is there a limit on the video file size I can upload? Can I use the removed background in any video editing software?


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