Uberduck is a platform that allows users to generate high-quality AI vocals for music production. It offers realistic voices and also allows users to create custom voices.

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how to use:
To use Uberduck, follow these steps:
1. Choose a beat from the collection of awesome beats.
2. Generate lyrics using AI or write your own.
3. Choose a voice from the built-in voices or create your own custom voice.
4. Download the generated rap song as audio or video and use it anywhere.
Core freatures:
Uberduck’s core features include:
– AI rap generator: Generate lyrics with AI and create rap songs.
– Text to voice: Generate speech, singing, and rapping from written text.
– API access: Write code for text to speech, singing, rapping, and voice conversion.
– Voice cloning: Create custom voices and use them for speaking, singing, and rapping.
– Voice to Voice: Change your voice to someone else’s, preserving their style.
Use case:

Uberduck can be used for various purposes, such as:
– Creative agencies: Generate epic synthetic singing and rapping vocals for advertising campaigns.
– Musicians: Create unique vocal tracks for music production.
– Coders: Utilize AI voices for creating interactive experiences.
– Producers: Participate in music production challenges and competitions using Grimes’s AI voice and voice conversion technology.

FAQ list:
Can I use Uberduck voices for commercial purposes? Can I create my own custom voices with Uberduck? Can I earn money from my voice by partnering with Uberduck? Can I change my voice to sound like someone else with Uberduck?


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