Typewise is an AI Communication Assistant that helps customer service and sales teams improve their productivity and efficiency. It offers features such as text prediction, auto-completion of sentences, auto-generated responses, autocorrect and grammar check, and a custom AI language model. It also provides quality control and analytics, multi-language support, and instant setup with zero development effort.

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how to use:
To use Typewise, you can integrate its browser-based plugin with your CRM system, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, or MS Dynamics. Once integrated, Typewise will provide real-time text prediction, autocorrection, and auto-completion features while you compose emails, chat responses, or document calls and meetings. You can customize the AI language model to adapt to your vocabulary and tone of voice. Typewise also offers a dashboard with quality and performance metrics for monitoring and improving your communication efficiency.
Core freatures:
Text predictionAuto-completion of sentences and paragraphsAuto-generated email and chat responsesAutocorrect and grammar checkCustom AI language modelQuality control and analyticsMulti-language supportInstant setup
Use case:

Handling high ticket volumes efficiently

Improving quality standards in email and ticket management

Delivering instant and accurate replies to live chat conversations

Reducing administrative efforts on call and meeting documentation

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