typemate.ai is a task management tool that seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT to help users manage their tasks in a streamlined and effective way. This AI-powered Chrome plugin simplifies daily tasks and enhances productivity and efficiency.

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how to use:
1. Create an account on typemate.ai.
2. Install the typemate.ai Chrome plugin.
3. Connect your typemate.ai account with your OpenAI API key, if applicable.
4. Use the ChatGPT3.5 Turbo AI Model to input and manage your tasks.
5. Utilize the inline command prompts to enhance task management.
6. Benefit from priority support via email and receive new feature updates.
Core freatures:
Seamless integration with ChatGPTTask managementStreamlined task handlingAI-powered Chrome pluginInline command promptsPriority support via email
Use case:

Managing personal to-do lists

Tracking project tasks

Organizing daily activities

Scheduling appointments

Collaborating on team projects

FAQ list:


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