Typed is a collaborative document tool designed to optimize teamwork by connecting your team’s scattered documents and workflows. It serves as a second brain and knowledge management platform, enhancing research and productivity.

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how to use:
To use Typed, simply create an account and invite your team members. You can then start creating and sharing documents within the platform. Typed allows you to organize files and folders efficiently, making it easy to collaborate on projects and conduct focused research. It seamlessly integrates with Google Docs, perfect for teams already using Google’s suite of productivity tools.
Core freatures:
The core features of Typed include:
1. Collaboration: Facilitate real-time collaboration and communication among team members.
2. Knowledge Management: Serve as a central repository for storing and accessing information.
3. Research Tool: Provide tools to support focused research and data organization.
4. File Organization: Allow users to categorize and organize files and folders effectively.
Use case:

Typed can be used in various scenarios, including:
1. Teamwork Optimization: Enhance collaboration and streamline team workflows.
2. Research and Data Collection: Efficiently gather, organize, and manage research data.
3. Project Management: Collaborate on projects by organizing files and fostering effective communication.
4. Personal Knowledge Management: Create a centralized repository for personal and professional knowledge.

FAQ list:
How do I invite team members to collaborate on Typed? Can I integrate Typed with Google Docs? Can I organize my files and folders in Typed? Can I use Typed for personal knowledge management?


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