Trudo AI

Trudo AI is a platform that allows users to fine-tune OpenAI GPT3 models without any coding. It provides an intuitive user interface for building complex AI applications on top of OpenAI.

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how to use:
To use Trudo AI, follow these steps:
1. Sign up for a free trial on the Trudo AI website.
2. Upload your CSV file containing relevant data for fine-tuning your model.
3. Customize the parameters and settings for your AI application using the intuitive UI.
4. Test your models using the prompt and completion features.
5. Deploy your trained model and integrate it with other platforms using the provided APIs.
6. Track and monitor the performance of your AI application using the dashboard.
Core freatures:
Intuitive user interface for building AI applications on top of OpenAIFine-tuning of GPT3 models using CSV dataAutomatic conversion of multiple columns into JSON formatIntegration with other platforms and APIsLong-term memory for storing and retrieving dataSupport for prompt and completion featuresEasy uploading and management of dataAbility to go to production quickly
Use case:

AI assistant for software developers

AI content platform for creating original content

AI tool for visualizing and communicating ideas

AI tool for improving email response rates

Tax filing software for freelancers and contractors

AI tool for recording and transcribing voice conversations

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