Trickle is an AI-driven snapshot tool that helps transform scattered information into accessible and insightful memories. It is designed to revolutionize the way you capture, store, extract, and share knowledge.

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how to use:
1. Start by signing up for a free account on the Trickle website.
2. Download and install the Trickle application on your device.
3. Capture anything that comes your way by dropping an image or any information into Trickle.
4. Trickle will automatically generate a stunning snapshot with an AI-generated summary for easy digestion.
5. Use Trickle as your personal search engine by asking questions and retrieving stored memories effortlessly.
6. Discover hidden treasures within your past ideas by utilizing AI to recall memories and reimagine them into new creations.
Core freatures:
AI-driven snapshot toolCapture and store scattered informationGenerate snapshots with AI-generated summariesEffortlessly recall stored memoriesUtilize AI to reimagine past knowledge into novel creationsPersonal search engine for retrieving stored memoriesOrganize and manage your knowledge
Use case:

Quickly capture and store information from various sources

Efficiently retrieve and recall important memories and knowledge

Transform scattered information into valuable insights

Generate new ideas and creations by leveraging past knowledge

Organize and manage your knowledge for easy access and sharing

FAQ list:
How does Trickle work? What types of information can I capture with Trickle? Can I search for specific memories or knowledge within Trickle? How can Trickle help me generate new ideas? Is Trickle available for free?


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