TribalBase is an AI-enhanced Slack bot that turns your Slack conversation history into knowledge. It provides up-to-date summaries, answers, and insights based on your conversations.

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how to use:
To use TribalBase, simply add it to your Slack workspace. Once added, the bot will analyze and index your Slack conversations. You can ask questions directly to the bot, and it will provide relevant answers based on the information stored in your Slack history.
Core freatures:
AI-enhanced Slack assistantAnswers based on conversations historySummaries of missed conversationsUp-to-date documentationAccess to information at your fingertips
Use case:

Engineering Teams: Streamline communication and problem-solving, accelerate onboarding, and project handoffs.

Sales Teams: Centralize deal insights, client conversations, and best practices to close deals faster.

Communities: Transform fragmented discussions into a searchable resource for engaged and connected community members.

FAQ list:
How does TribalBase work? Do I need to provide my credentials for TribalBase? Is TribalBase safe? Does it store or send my messages? Can I try TribalBase for free? What is the pricing for TribalBase? What is TribalBase’s cancellation policy?


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