Trellus is a powerful AI sales coaching tool that provides real-time analytics and personalized coaching for sales reps on their cold calls. It integrates with existing dialer software and delivers behavioral cues to help improve sales skills and close more deals.

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how to use:
1. Install the Trellus chrome extension on your browser.2. During active calls, Trellus automatically shows real-time AI coaching.3. Customize coaching configurations based on your preferences.4. Leverage personalized local data on prospects during calls to enhance outreach.5. Benefit from 24×7 sales assistant integration with your dialer software.
Core freatures:
Real-time analyticsPersonalized AI sales coachingIntegration with existing dialer softwareCustomizable coaching configurationsPersonalized local data on prospects
Use case:

Improving sales performance

Closing more deals

Enhancing outreach with personalized data

Developing top sales rep skills

FAQ list:
What does Trellus offer? How can I use Trellus? What are the core features of Trellus? What are the use cases for Trellus?


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