Trellis is an elegant online reader powered by AI that allows users to read various types of digital content, such as research papers, textbooks, books, and more. It incorporates an AI companion that provides instant feedback and answers to user queries, creating a seamless reading experience. Users can also share their notes and highlights with friends.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for a free account on the Trellis website.
2. Add your desired books or files to your Trellis library.
3. Open the file you want to read and start exploring the content with the assistance of the AI companion.
4. Ask questions about the content, and the AI companion will provide instant, relevant answers.
5. Make notes, highlights, and annotations while reading.
6. Easily search and revisit your marginalia.
7. Share your notes and highlights with friends.
Core freatures:
AI companion for instant feedback and answersDigital reading functionality with relevant excerptsSharing and searching through marginaliaPowerful collections and sharing functionality (coming soon)
Use case:

Enhancing the reading experience with an AI assistant

Efficiently researching and studying various topics

Sharing and collaborating on reading material with friends

FAQ list:


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