Trancy for Chrome is a popular browser extension plugin that allows users to learn a new language in an enjoyable way by watching YouTube and Netflix. It integrates features from ChatGPT and Open AI to help users understand the meaning of words and analyze sentence grammar more deeply. With Trancy, users can turn their favorite content into personalized language learning materials, improving their speaking and listening skills in a realistic scenario.

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how to use:
1. Install the Trancy for Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.
2. Once installed, open YouTube or Netflix and select a video.
3. Activate Trancy by clicking on the Trancy icon in the browser toolbar.
4. Choose between theater mode or reading mode for bilingual subtitles.
5. Watch the video with bilingual subtitles and practice listening and speaking based on comprehension.
6. Utilize the AI features like word lookup, grammar analysis, and sentence translation to deepen understanding.
7. Use Trancy’s immersive translation feature to translate selected webpage content.
8. Customize your learning experience by creating learning decks, saving favorite videos, and reviewing real-life sentences.
9. Access additional features like speed playback, word highlight, font adjustment, text to speech, and external dictionary for enhanced language learning.
Core freatures:
Bilingual subtitles for YouTube and NetflixAI-powered translation for selected webpage contentAI word lookup with OpenAIAI grammar analysis for complex sentencesIntelligent sentence segmentationListening and speaking practice with videosWebpage text selection translationFull-text immersive translationBilingual webpage readingQuick paragraph translationCustomizable translation engineCompatibility with various websitesCreating personalized learning decksOrganizing favorite videosSaving favorite sentencesCustomizing learning experienceWeb-based learning centerSpeed playback adjustmentWord highlighting and savingFonts adjustment for subtitlesLifelike text to speech voicesAccess to external web dictionariesKeyboard shortcutsOpenAI syntactic analysisSpeech recognition
Use case:

Learning a new language while watching YouTube and Netflix videos

Improving speaking and listening skills in a realistic scenario

Translating selected webpage content for language learning

Analyzing sentence grammar and understanding word meanings

Practicing listening and oral reading with videos

Reading foreign articles and understanding sentences

Translating unfamiliar words and paragraphs

Customizing language learning experience based on interests and needs

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