is a real-time artificial intelligence aggregator chatbot that seamlessly integrates with messaging platforms like WhatsApp. It provides access to a wide range of AI services, offering instant answers and information without the need for registration or downloads.

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how to use:
1. Launch WhatsApp and start a conversation with
2. Ask your burning knowledge-based questions or give prompts, e.g., ‘Write an essay on climate change’ or ‘Act as a doctor and provide medical advice’.
3. Receive immediate responses and enjoy the convenience of accessing AI services right within your chat.
Core freatures:
1. Aggregator Chatbot: aggregates information from multiple sources to provide comprehensive answers in one place.
2. Conversational Interface: Interact with as if you’re having a conversation, making it user-friendly and intuitive.
3. Access to Knowledge: Instant access to public human knowledge without the hassle of registration or downloads.
4. Higher Productivity: Get direct answers to your knowledge-based questions instead of being redirected to links.
Use case:

1. Create Text: Generate essays and articles on various topics of interest in seconds.
2. Create Images: Use the ‘/image’ command to create customized images using your imagination.
3. Summarize: Send PDFs or text and receive a summary, or simply type ‘summarize’ followed by the text.
4. Act As: Put yourself in the shoes of an expert by starting prompts with ‘Act as’ followed by a profession name and a prompt.

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