Trade Foresight

Trade Foresight is the World’s First Analytics, AI and Data-Driven Global Trade Platform that provides businesses with the insights, information, and tools necessary to succeed in international trade. It enables businesses to access a vast market, make informed decisions, and build sustainable and profitable trade value chains.

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how to use:
To use Trade Foresight, businesses can sign up for an account and choose a subscription plan. Once logged in, they can access a personalized dashboard that provides valuable insights and analytics on global trade trends. They can use the platform’s features, such as the trader directory, global trade analytics, trader’s lounge, market search, and product promotion, to find B2B partners, predict future demand and supply, access resources and tools, connect with 20 million traders worldwide, and gain trade insights for buyers and sellers globally.
Core freatures:
Personalized dashboardTrader directory for B2B partner search and connectionGlobal trade analytics for predicting future demand and supplyTrader’s lounge with resources, tools, and access to 20 million traders worldwideMarket search for trade insightsProduct promotion for showcasing products to find B2B partnersUnified search for all-in-one search for products, companies, trade data, and industry insights
Use case:

Finding B2B partners for trade

Predicting future demand and supply

Accessing resources and tools for international trade

Connecting with millions of traders worldwide

Gaining trade insights for buyers and sellers globally

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