Topic Mojo is the ultimate topic and question research tool that provides valuable insights into listener interests, preferences, and trends. With its dashboard tools, AI content, and data sources, Topic Mojo helps marketers and content creators elevate their content strategy.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for Topic Mojo and choose a pricing plan.
2. Access the dashboard tools and explore the Topic Model, which fetches data from all over the web to help you create engaging content.
3. Use the Question Finder to gather questions about your topic across the web and understand users’ needs.
4. Utilize the Search Listener to be the first to cover unique and new searches related to your query.
5. Export, save, and share reports to collaborate with your team and track your research history.
Core freatures:
Topic ModelQuestion FinderSearch ListenerSaved listsWorkspacesCustom DomainsExport OptionsReport Sharing
Use case:

Generating blog post topic ideas

Finding keywords, topics, and questions for YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms

Researching keywords and potential keyword topics

Understanding listener interests and preferences

Staying updated with the latest trends and unique searches

FAQ list:
How much does Topic Mojo cost? What data sources does Topic Mojo support? Does Topic Mojo provide SEO data? Can I export my reports from Topic Mojo? Does Topic Mojo offer priority support?


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