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TLDR This is a free online text summarizing tool powered by AI. It condenses long articles, documents, essays, or papers into key summary paragraphs. It helps users overcome information overload by providing concise and digestible summaries.

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how to use:
To use TLDR This, simply enter the URL of the article or paste the text into the provided space. The AI algorithm will analyze the text and generate a summary. Users can choose between a short/concise or a detailed/section-wise summary. The tool also offers important keyword display for easy reference.
Core freatures:
TLDR This offers automatic article summarization, extracting key sentences from the text. It includes AI-powered summarization using human-like intelligence. The tool also extracts metadata such as author and date information, related images, title, and reading time. TLDR This provides distraction and ad-free reading experience by eliminating ads, popups, and other online distractions. It also helps users avoid falling into clickbait traps by selecting the most relevant points from a text.
Use case:

TLDR This is useful for anyone with Internet access who needs to quickly grasp the main points of a long article. It is especially helpful for students studying for exams who face information overload. Writers can use TLDR This to summarize their articles for easier writing and reading. Teachers can summarize long documents or chapters for their students. Corporations and institutions can condense content into easily digestible summaries for their employees or students. Journalists can quickly summarize articles for their publications.

FAQ list:
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